Top Double Sided Dildos That Impress Your Body Daily

Jerry Clayton
3 min readMay 8, 2020

With sex toys you can experiment a lot. Especially for the women there are more and more “toys” which increase the lust and also like to give an orgasm. For women in lonely hours they are just the right thing to have fun. Those who play with a dildo or vibrator in the beginning will soon want more and the search for exciting sex toys on the internet begins. If a woman has already had anal sex and enjoys it, she will certainly not be averse to a double dildo. The goal is very simple, you want to satisfy both orifices at the same time.

Kuburry Women’s 21in Flesh Color Silicone Double Sided Lifelike Dildos

Double dildos are available in very different designs. Smooth and already pre-bent models are available from 10 Euro. They are narrow and are ideal for beginners. The low thickness makes penetration easier.

Then there are exact penis replicas made of very flexible material. The special thing about them is the double glans, which means there is one at each end. It takes some practice to be able to penetrate the vagina and anus at the same time. You may need some lubricant to make it work smoothly. But these double dildos give the user a very special feeling, because they are much thicker and have a structured surface. Every woman senses these stimuli within herself and the pleasure can develop better. Double dildos in detailed form are available from about 20 Euro.

Cozy 17 Inch Double Ended Dildos

Then there are so-called “bottom beads”, these are a combination of love beads and dildo. Small balls are firmly but flexibly connected with each other and the flexible rod can be used for different purposes. These beads are primarily used for anal sex, but can also be used as a double dildo.

As with any type of dildo, there are also double dildos with vibrators. You can easily recognize them by their shape. They have a thick rod for the vagina and a smaller model for the anus. Both are connected to each other and are made to vibrate by a motor. These additional movements give a few extra stimuli on the way to the climax. This form of double dildo is also available from 20 Euro.

No matter what kind of double dildo you choose, fun is guaranteed if you like this variant of sexual intercourse. At the beginning the feeling may seem a bit unfamiliar, but that will soon disappear. The double satisfaction stimulates much more irritable regions in the woman’s abdomen and this leads to undreamt-of flights of fancy.

However, one should not get the idea of using a double dildo in turns. This means that you should not use one end first for the vagina and then for the anus. Especially the sensitive mucous membranes of the vagina could otherwise become inflamed. Therefore a double sided dildo should be washed thoroughly with soap and water after each use. Then you can enjoy the double pleasure with a double dildo very much.